September 2013: Zuoz at 50 - A Personal Perspective

Grant Williams gives his personal reflections on ZFCZ'z 50th birthday celebrations

Leaving the third world depravity that we English know as Luton Airport and arriving at the spotless modernism of Zurich is a journey in itself. Switzerland immediately reminds us that politeness need not be a virtue, that cleanliness should be a standard and that we all need to work a lot harder to be able to afford to live there.

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September 2013: Zuoz Fives Club Zurich - 50 Not Out

John Reynolds reports:

The half century of the Zurich branch of Zuoz fives was celebrated, appropriately, by some 50 players (and their ages spanned about five decades – from early 20s to early 70s). 

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2010 Engadin Challenge: The hills are alive...with the sound of Fives balls

Seb Cooley reports:

The 10th Engadin Challenge Tournament took place in Zuoz recently with a strong UK contingent joining in with the local players for an entertaining weekend's Fives.

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2006 Engadin Challenge

This article appeared in the Fives Federation Annual Report 2005/06

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2004 Engadin Challenge

Dan Hawkins and Seb Cooley report:

On the 25th/26th July the Zuoz Fives Club Zurich held the 7th Engadin Challenge cup at the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz. The weather looked as though it would not be good to us; on Friday evening when we went for dinner, it was snowing. Nevertheless over the weekend, it was cold but dry, so the best place to be was on court and running around.

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2000 Engadin Challenge

The fifth Engadin Challenge Cup took place from 14th-17th September 2000. The winners were Marc Mettler and Sebastian Galperti (Zuoz Club), who beat Chris Tanner and Richard Dennis (Zuoz Club/Old Berkhamstedian) in a highly dramatic final. Over sixty Fives players from the Lyceum, the Zuoz Club and twenty guests from England took part.