Ladies Final 2015: Three in a Row for Hird and Cooley

K.Hird & C.Cooley beat D.Redmond & L.Redmond 3-0 (12-3, 12-2, 12-10)

23/03/15: The 2015 ladies title was won for the third consecutive year by top seeds Karen Hird and Charlotta Cooley at Eton yesterday with a convincing victory over Dominique and Lia Redmond.

Expectations were high for an exciting encounter but Karen and Charlotta made a mockery of that with a blistering start, reminiscent of last year's final against Amira Reimer and Eve Smith-Bingham. The first game was all over in under 10 minutes, the damage done in one hand that moved the score from 4-2 to 11-2, as the defending champions dominated the former winners in all aspects of the game, winning the set piece convincingly, volleying strongly and forcing mistakes from the Redmond sisters.

The second game took a little longer, but followed a similar pattern with Karen and Charlotta fully in control from start to finish. The close match that the spectators had been anticipating finally came along in the third game. Karen and Charlotta began to make a few more errors and Dom and Lia began to play with renewed vigour and self-belief, especially as they clawed back a 5 point deficit to level at 10-10. Under pressure for the first time in the match, Karen and Charlotta chose to play step at 11, and Charlotta backed that up with a cut winner, a point and then two more unreturned cuts before the winning shot was played.

Thanks to all four players for proving themselves to be the best pairs in the competition, to everyone else who entered the earlier rounds, to those who came to watch, to Eton for hosting the match and to Richard Black for presenting the prizes.

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