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The Eton Fives Association is the governing body for the sport of Eton Fives. The sport today is flourishing and expanding into new areas as never before and the EFA aims to promote and support the playing and coaching of Fives at school and adult level wherever there are courts and to explore all possible avenues to create new Fives centres and encourage new players to take up the game. We are always looking for new volunteers to help out, so if you would like to make a contribution, please contact one of the people below, either directly or via the CONTACT US link. 

EFA Vice-Presidents: R.Barber, M.Fenn, K.Hughes, R.Knight, R.Pattison, G.Stringer, D.Vargas, A.Wagg, D.Whitehead, P.Worth

EFA Sub-Committees and Responsibilities 2019/20


Finance: M.Powell (Chair), C.Davies, N.Jones, R.Pattison, R.Black, S.Woolfries, A.Fraser, R.Dennis

Competitions: M.Williams (Chair), G.Hoskins and others as required

Coaching: G.Hoskins (Chair), J.Green, M.Yates

Nominations & Governance: R.Black (Chair), G.Hoskins, H.Asquith, L.Brock, R.Pattison, R.Barber, R.Wood, J.Hutcheson

Marketing, Communications & Membership: S.Woolfries (Chair), A.Knight, G.Hoskins, P.Lyndon, R.Pattison, M.Powell, A.Fraser, E.Scoones

Schools: P.Bowden (Chair), A.Bishop, P.Boughton, D.Vargas, M.Williams, H.Wiseman, D.Mew, F.Kerr

Ladies: M.Barnes (Chair), A.Lumbard, C.Cooley, K.Hird, E.Scoones and others co-opted as appropriate

Westway: C.Davies, M.Powell, G.Hoskins + reps from Westway and UK Wallball

FiveStar Project

Director: R.Black

Head of Development A.Knight

Research & Development Assistant: Z.Hickmore

Regional Organiser (Newbury): W.Thomas

Regional Organiser (London): M.Till

Regional Organiser (Wales & West): M.Chinery

Regional Organiser (Cambridge): N.Preston


Eton Fives Charitable Trust: P.Bowden, C.Davies Other Trustees: D.Vargas (Chair), J.Asquith, G.Barber, R.Dennis, D.Firth, N.Jones, M.Williams

Jesters: R.Pattison, W.Skjott

Sport England: R.Black

Sport & Recreation Alliance: S.Woolfries


League: G.Hoskins, M.Williams

Alan Barber Cup: G.Hoskins, M.Williams

Schools' National Championships and Team Competitions: M.Williams

EFA Trophy: G.Hoskins

Kinnaird Cup: G.Hoskins, M.Williams

London Tournament: G.Hoskins

Midland Tournament: H.Wiseman, D.Redmond

Northern Tournament: G.Hoskins, A.Mitchell

Under 25s Championship: K.Hird, G.Hoskins

Under 21s Championship: G.Hoskins

Universities Tournaments: G.Hoskins

Richard Black Cup: G.Hoskins

Richard Barber Cup: G.Hoskins

Mixed Tournament: G.Hoskins

Graham Turnbull Trophy: G.Hoskins

Veterans Tournament (Shortland-Jones Cup): G.Pulsford

Aberconway Cup ("Fathers & Sons"): G.Hoskins

Ladies Championship: M.Barnes

Mixed Team Tournament: E.Osen

Strawson Memorial Match (Jesters): R.Pattison


DSL: M.Barnes

Equal Opportunities: R.Pattison

Health & Safety: R.Dennis

Data Protection: G.Hoskins


Website: G.Hoskins

Database: A.Fraser

Newsletters: G.Hoskins

Archives: M.Losse (Highgate School)

Fives Balls: R.Dennis

Merchandising: M.Powell

Laws & Rules: K.Hughes, M.Williams

Board Minutes: D.Vargas

Direct Debit Administration: A.Fraser, M.Powell

EFA Awards Dinner: G.Hoskins, A.Knight, R.Black

Coaching Courses Co-ordinator: G.Hoskins