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To become a member of the EFA, simply fill in and submit the three forms below. Membership costs £46 per year, £28 for those Under 25 and £5 per year for those Under 21. The EFA is a charity, so please complete and submit the Gift Aid form if you are able to and eligible and we can claim the tax back on your subscription and any donations.

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The EFA relies heavily on membership subscriptions to carry out its active and wide-ranging programme supporting and growing the game of Eton Fives. By becoming a member you will be doing your bit to ensure that Eton Fives survives and flourishes for years to come.


A Message from EFA Chairman Chris Davies:

August 2020

A very warm welcome to the Eton Fives Association website to anyone who has reached this page.

We live of course in unusual and uncertain times and I do hope that you and yours are keeping healthy and safe amid all that Covid 19 throws our way.

Whilst some may have strayed on to this page accidentally, I hope that most of you reading this will be doing so to work out how you can take what might be some casual lockdown thinking about how you can either return to the game or even take it up from scratch, to the next stage.

As I hope you will be aware, Eton Fives is of course a wonderful game to play. You can enjoy either calm, balanced exercise or a thorough workout in a relatively short period of time. Matches can vary from social friendlies to top competition – usually the atmosphere is a marvellous mixture of both.

Whatever your aims and ambitions from the game are, I am confident you will find it through our clubs.

Whilst I alluded to some uncertainty earlier, now is actually a wonderful time to take the game up. Our outdoor game with little infraction on social distancing has been deemed to be extremely low risk by bodies such as the Sport and Recreational Alliance as well as by the DCMS (UK Government Department for Digital, Cultural, Media and Sport). We are confident that it will be up and running in our clubs very soon indeed.

You will find that a good number of clubs are running a bespoke ‘Back to Fives’ campaign, but whatever club you join and whatever your experience of the game is, I can assure you all of a very warm welcome indeed.

For further details about clubs, locations, practice sessions and fixtures, please contact EFA Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Membership costs £46 per year, £28 for those Under 25 and £5 per year for those Under 21.

Yours faithfully

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Chris Davies