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Note: This policy is currently under review and an updated version will be published later in 2018

Safeguarding the welfare of children in the playing of Eton Fives


1. The EFA has a clear policy towards child protection in Eton Fives (Fives). It is that:

The welfare of every child will be actively safeguarded;

All children have the right to protection from abuse;

Any allegation will be taken seriously and the correct procedures followed in response.

2. This policy is approved by the Board and will be reviewed annually.

The making of a complaint

Any child with a complaint should report to the person in charge. If that is the person against whom the complaint is being made, then a complaint should be made to anyone in authority. At Westway, this is any member of staff. At a school, this is any teacher.


The EFA believes that monitoring procedures are most important.

There is a clear and effective procedure for the responding to disclosures and the follow-up of incidents.

On receipt of any complaint the director in charge of the Child Welfare policy within the EFA must be informed. He must convene at the earliest opportunity a committee consisting of at least two further directors to investigate the incident and to report back to the Board. The Board will have the power to suspend the individual against whom the complaint has been made until the investigation is complete.

All incidents must be reported to the Board of the EFA.

The Secretary of the EFA will keep a list of staff and members involved with children (on behalf of the EFA) who must complete a DBS check.


A copy of this policy document will be given to all the relevant staff and members.

A note of this policy will be on the official web site.

The EFA will ensure that these policies and their implementation are kept under continuous review.

A director will have responsibility of this policy. This director will keep up-to-date the list of staff and members who complete the DBS check and will ensure that all who should have completed this check have done so.

The Board will assume that all teachers have complied with all necessary regulations.

The Board will discuss the whole policy and all its aspects at least once every calendar year.