Girls’ Festival at Charterhouse

24/01/17: Paul Bowden reports:

This year the annual Girls’ Festival which had been held at Berkhamsted for three years moved to Charterhouse by kind invitation of Master in Charge John Troy. The format however remained the same: everybody playing one game against a whole range of different opponents just for fun. Result: lots of very smiley faces, some great rallies, steady improvement especially for the least experienced girls and, most of all, lots of fun.

Moving the venue further south probably put it out of range for one or two schools but, nevertheless, there were 25 pairs from five schools: Charterhouse, Berkhamsted, Highgate, Holyport and St Bartholomew’s. 

It is truly wonderful to see the growth of girls’ Fives in recent years. This year for the first time there will be a National Girls’ Under 13 Competition and next season it is hoped to have two festivals, one in the autumn and one in the spring. Volunteers to host please get in touch!