International Fives at Eton

John Reynolds reports:

11/05/17: A dozen Swiss fives players have just visited London, playing a six-pair match against the Old Citizens and taking part in their venerable club competition for the Adams Cup (est 1928).

Drawn from the Old Zuozer clubs in Zurich and Geneva, the twelve enjoyed many close sets in the international match at Eton before losing 6-0. One of their number, Alex Heuberger, reached the final of the Adams Cup at Highgate with Oxford Pepper Jacob Greenhouse but lost to Bobby Friedman and guest John Caudle.

Seven of the visitors came from Zurich: Dieter Büchi, Renato Büchi, Kevin Michaelson, Alex Heuberger, Martin Köppel, Dimitri Kefalas and Steve Kronenberg. Five were members of the Geneva club: Filippo Variola, Erkki Tammivuori, Roland Knapp, Jan Porr and Liam Porr.

The series of matches between the two clubs, for the Hawken-Garrett Cup (a repurposed early-19th century tea urn) now stands at 4-2 in the Citizens' favour. The Zuozers will have a chance for revenge on their home courts later in the summer.

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