Westway and Grenfell Tower: Please Support

The Grenfell Tower block is situated in the heart of the Latimer Road area within a very short reach of the Westway Sports Centre. The Centre is being used as a refuge and accommodation centre for many who have been displaced from the tower block.

The EFA, UK Wallball and the Westway Fives Club are an integral part of the local community with many local people - especially young children - coming to Westway to play Wallball and Fives and we therefore consider it right and proper that we should support the emergency efforts.

Everyone Active, which runs the Westway Sports Centre, is encouraging donations towards the relief effort via the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation. Anyone who would like to make a donation directly can do so by CLICKING HERE

You can also donate money to the Eton Fives Association by CLICKING HERE. Money collected in this way will be split between the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation mentioned above and the Fives budget for our coaches at Westway. One of the main purposes of the Westway courts is to promote Fives as a community sport which can help the physical and mental well-being of the local community. In the coming months, the people affected by the disaster will need support in rebuilding their lives and perhaps for kids, young adults and older people alike, Community Fives will be one way in which the healing process can be accelerated.

If you would like your donation to the EFA to go to one area or the other, please feel free to specify this in the "purpose" box.

We thank you in advance for your support.

Richard Black

Chairman, Eton Fives Association