Tim (right) winning the Over 60s tournament with Anthony Wagg in 2014

Tim Best 1944-2016

Tim Best, who died on 18th July, 2016, won the Public School Fives Championships for Eton with Jonathan Walshe in 1962.

He was a talented and determined sportsman, and at Eton he won the school fives competition with David Robson in 1962 and then with Robert Pilkington in 1963. Tim was also in the first X1 in both soccer and cricket.

In 1966, Tim and David Robson reached the final of the Kinnaird Cup where they were beaten by the Edwardians, Hughes and Campbell, who became reigning champions for many years. So, this was no disgrace, but it was the last time that an Eton pair was to reach the Kinnaird final.

In 2014, Tim won the Over 60s category of the Veterans Tournament for the third time with Anthony Wagg at a combined age of 142.

From his eponymous tourist company he organised many a wonderful trip and safari and he gave enormous help to the charity, Tusk, in its campaign for the African elephant.

At his crowded memorial service, it was learnt that Tim kept a commonplace book and in it, a solitary poem (by Hilaire Belloc) showed so well his attitude to life and his great love of people.

"From quiet homes and first beginnings
out to the undiscovered ends
there's nothing worth the wear of winning
but laughter and the love of friends"

Gordon Stringer/Anthony Wagg