Howard's Way: An Introduction to Coaching

Paul Bowden reports:

28/01/18: Howard Wiseman ran a Training Session for coaches on Saturday 27th at Eton. Nine coaches attended, ranging from the very experienced (Peter Boughton) to those who had only been on court a few times themselves.

Not only did they all have fun and learn about how to engage beginners with fun practices and competitive games right from the outset but also how to progress practices and drills right through to a high level of competence and skill. Howard’s relaxed style of presentation and frequent exercises against the clock ensured plenty of friendly rivalry between the ever changing teams. All the players, including the experienced ones, were enabled to analyse their own games more closely and to make adjustments which improved their own performance.

Four hours is quite a long session but there was no flagging and enthusiasm and effort were maintained to the end.

Not only are those who attended now all familiar with helicopter blades, the garden swing, hot potatoes and the dustbin shot but I am sure they will all return to their coaching with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

The afternoon was filmed and analysis of this film will be used to put together further coaching sessions and an official EFA introduction to Fives Coaching course. Any one interested in finding out more about this should contact EFA Secretary Gareth Hoskins.

Many thanks to all those who attended and to Howard for his enthusiasm and expertise.

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