Berkhamsted Win Inaugural Girls U14 Competition

Mark Williams reports:

09/02/18: An excellent entry of 36 pairs from 7 schools meant that the inaugural Girls’ U14 competition was a thoroughly worthwhile exercise. Schools entering were Ipswich (11 pairs), Holyport (7), Highgate (6), Berkhamsted (5), Shrewsbury (5), Mill Hill (1) and Cranleigh (1). The standard at the top end was encouragingly high, especially from the Shrewsbury girls who have only been playing for a term.

3 pairs qualified from each of the 8 pools, with the winners having a bye in the second round, and it was good to see four Holyport pairs in this cohort, and Ipswich had 6 pairs.

In the 2nd round, where Pool 2nds played against different Pool 3rds in a one game match; all of the matches went as expected, although Mill Hill 1 narrowly defeated Ipswich 3 12-11.

In the 3rd round, all but one of the Pool winners were successful: Highgate 3 narrowly beating Shrewsbury 2 was the exception.

The Quarter-finals were all one-sided affairs except for the match between Shrewsbury 1 and Cranleigh 1, which was won by the former 14-11, 14-13: a considerable achievement for the inexperienced Shrewsbury pair against Mark Halstead’s talented daughter, Ruby

In the Semi-finals, Highgate 1 narrowly beat Shrewsbury 1 in the first game 14-13, before pulling away in the second; in the other match, the younger Highgate 2nd pair took the first game against Berkhamsted 1 and only lost the second 11-14, before running out of steam against a physically stronger pair.
Surprising, looking at the semi-final matches, the final was a very one-sided contest. Berkhamsted returned cut particularly impressively and established convincing leads in both games quickly, running out utterly deserving winners 12-4, 12-0. How close they came to disaster in the semi-final, and so many congratulations on both their skill and temperament.

A variety of Plates ran throughout the day, and the best of the Pools/2nd round losers was Ipswich 3, the best of the 3rd round losers was Holyport 1, and the best of the Quarter-final losers was Cranleigh 1.

I am indebted to George Thomason, the Eton fives coach, for his excellent management of much of the main tournament and Plate A, and also to all players, spectators and Masters, who kept their patience and good humour on a frosty day.




Berkhamsted 1 beat Ipswich 1 12-1, 12-3

Highgate 2 beat Highgate 3 12-2, 12-2

Shrewsbury 1 beat Cranleigh 1 14-11, 14-13

Highgate 1 beat Berkhamsted 2 12-1, 12-1


Berkhamsted 1 beat Highgate 2 6-12, 14-11, 12-4

Highgate 1 beat Shrewsbury 1 14-13, 12-6


Berkhamsted 1 beat Highgate 1 12-4, 12-0