New Sports Centre Development at Eton

21/03/18: Eton College is planning to build a large new School Sports Centre (“SCC”) that will replace all the buildings that adjoin the Fives Courts. This will have a disruptive effect on the game during the two year building period but the good news is that there are likely to be magnificent facilities for Eton Fives when the project is completed.

For instance, there will be an "Eton Fives Centre" in the building between the two sets of eight Fives Courts (currently known as Jacks) Furthermore, there is a basic agreement that all the courts will be refurbished in the course of time. The work, which will impact Eton Fives, is the major part of a larger development, which will also include a new aquatic centre. To find out more CLICK HERE to read a full update from Simon de Zoete.