Duncan Beardmore-Gray 1927-2018

18/04/18: The Eton Fives community was saddened to hear of the recent death of Duncan Beardmore-Gray at the age of 90.

Duncan was one of the best Fives players of his generation. He won the Eton new boy Fives competition in 1939 and went on to become Keeper of Fives at Eton. He continued playing Fives for many years and was renowned on court for his imposing height and long reach. In 1968 Alan Barber invited him to join the teaching staff at Ludgrove prep school, where he coached countless boys over a period of 24 years in the school's two Fives courts. Duncan retained his interest in the game for all of his life and was delighted to attend the Eton Fives Association dinner at Eton in 2016. A memorial service was held for Duncan at Ludgrove in April.

Tom Beardmore-Gray