The Westway Summer Superleague Is Back!

Dan Thackeray reports:

10/05/19: The 2019 Westway Summer Superleague opened up its first round of fixtures this week with the Aston House Thoroughbreds just being pipped to the post by Highgate 1, 4-2 the overall score in a match in which all six games finished 15-12 or closer.

Highgate 2 are proving to be early front runners in the newly formed second division, beating the Aston House Showponies 6-0. On Wednesday Dossi's Desperados outclassed a a brave Lionhearts team 6-0, while Westway's very own Coach and Horses were given a walkover due to one of The Exiles team cancelling at the very last minute.

CLICK HERE to see the Westway courts full in the Aston House v Highgate double header


Week One

Division 1

Highgate 1 (M.Kovar, G.Chapman, J.Marks, R.Morgan) beat Aston House Thoroughbreds (L.Brock, C.Austin, N.Turnbull, K.Hird) 4-2

Dossi's Desperados (R.Perrie, C.Hughes, S.Welti, J.Skelton) beat Lancing Lionhearts (A.Abrahams, A.Lumbard, S.Warren-Thomas, N.Lilienthal) 6-0

Division 2

Highgate 2 (O.Hallam, Ab.Bhattacharya, D.Lioubimov, T.Halstead) beat Aston House Showponies (I.Kidd, S.Thatcher, M.Chinery, R.Thorogood) 6-0

Coach & Horses beat Exiles 6-0 (walkover)