How Can We Help?

23/03/20: To all members of the Eton Fives playing community

At a time like this, Fives seems both trivial and vital in equal measure: trivial of course in the face of what we are currently facing, but also vital as a reminder of normality and as something to look forward to when we do all get back on court, a key component of the daily and weekly activities now denied us that we measure our normal lives by.

One of the great things about Fives is the sense of friendship and community that exists within the sport and maybe we can use that right now. Many of you will currently be in a situation where you have a strong support network of family and friends, but not everyone is so lucky.

Some of our members may be older, more vulnerable or more isolated and in need of some extra help from someone. If you are reading this and you feel that you or someone you know is in that situation, please do contact the EFA, via Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will endeavour to use the Fives community to try and find some local help and support for you.

Please don’t hesitate to ask – we are all in this together.