Cambridge Coaching Workshop

28/01/17: Thirteen fives players took part in a one-day Fives workshop on Saturday at the three wonderful Cambridge University Eton Fives courts. James Powley, the Head of Fives and Squash at the centre, had set up the workshop following a similar one that was recruited by Nick Preston in November. Both workshops were run by Howard Wiseman.

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A.J.N. (Nick) Dawson (1933-2016)

Gerald Barber writes:

Nick, with his twin brother Tim, was born on the 1st September 1933.

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Girls’ Festival at Charterhouse

24/01/17: Paul Bowden reports:

This year the annual Girls’ Festival which had been held at Berkhamsted for three years moved to Charterhouse by kind invitation of Master in Charge John Troy. The format however remained the same: everybody playing one game against a whole range of different opponents just for fun. Result: lots of very smiley faces, some great rallies, steady improvement especially for the least experienced girls and, most of all, lots of fun.

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REFCA U15s Individual and U14s Three Pair Cup

Howard Wiseman & Dominique Redmond report:

23/01/17: On Sunday the 22nd of January, two REFCA tournaments filled the 14 available courts at Harrow school.

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The Cox Self-Invitational Eton Fives Challenge

29th December 2016: match report by various Cooleys

As 2016 drew to a close, an intrepid band of fives players and assorted hangers-on dodged Christmas revellers and celebrity deaths to descend on the fabled fives courts of Grillon, Provence, France, Europe. The players consisted of the Cooleys Charlotta, Christopher, John, Oliver and Sebastian and, narrowly bringing up the alphabetical rear, host Nigel Cox.

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EFA Archives

Most of you will by now be familiar with the new EFA website. You may not have realised that the website now contains an extensive and ever-increasing digital archive of reports, photos, articles and obituaries, all of which can be accessed by CLICKING HERE

The EFA also has a physical archive of material relating to the history of the game, which is currently kept at Highgate School. We would love to be able to add to this collection and we would therefore like you to rummage around in your cupboards and attics to see if you have any Fives memorabilia that you might like to donate to the archive.

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EFA Trophy 2017: Bad Weather Fails to Rain on the EFA Trophy Parade

16/01/17: For the second year in succession, wet weather and tricky conditions affected the qualifying rounds for the EFA trophy, but Fives players are hardy souls and the nine teams and over sixty players taking part in this year's competition carried on regardless to produce a fantastic day of Fives.

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New Innovations in Fives Court Building Technology

Jan 2017: The search has been on for a while for a cheaper alternative method of building Fives courts. Could Karen Hird have found the answer?

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2017 Ipswich Tournament: Lyle and Lumbard Leave Graves Challengers Dead and Buried

09/01/17: With 2016 finally consigned to the scrap heap of history, January 2017 saw the Graves Cup sailing towards the Fives players of Ipswich like a lifeboat of hope amongst the shipwrecked carnage caused by Brexit, a Trump Presidency and Ipswich Town finding themselves 2-1 down to Lincoln with 5 minutes to go in the Cup. 

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Training Day for Coaches

Paul Bowden reports:

09/01/17: On Sunday 8th January Howard Wiseman ran a four hour training session for those fairly new to Fives coaching in schools.

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