REFCA Tournaments Produce a Feast of Fives

Howard Wiseman reports:

16/10/17: The REFCA tournament schedule has started with a bang in October with two successive weekends of action on the courts at Harrow.

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Cambridge Cross-Code Mixed Cuppers

Matt Shaw and Nathan Turnbull report:

14/10/17: Ever inventive — last year it was Mixed Cuppers — the Cambridge University Rugby Fives Club this year organised a Joint Mixed Cuppers with their male and female friends in the CU Eton Fives Club, playing the event across both codes.

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Fives Back in Birmingham

02/10/17: King Edward's School is traditionally one of the great Fives schools in the country, so it was fantastic to see the six courts there being played on yesterday for the first time in over a year.

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Fiorita on Fire in Colwyn Bay

25/09/17: The Welsh Invitational tournament at Rydal Penrhos School in Colwyn Bay is now a well-established part of the Fives calendar and the latest edition at the weekend proved once again that Fives is thriving on the North Wales coast.

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Derek Whitehead Trophy 2017

Anthony Theodossi reports:

22/09/17: The third annual Derek Whitehead Trophy Competition took place last Sunday 10th September at Berkhamsted. The tournament was commissioned by the Old Berkhamstedians in honour of Derek Whitehead, an Old Boy of the school, who has been involved in Berkhamsted Fives for almost 60 years, firstly as a pupil at the school and then as Founder of the Old Berkhamstedian Fives Club.

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Under 25s: Old Foes Combine and the Highgate Girls Dominate Again

18/09/17: There will be some familiar names engraved on the Under 25 trophies after this year's tournament as Riki Houlden won his third men's title in a row, this time in an Oxford/Cambridge pairing with James Piggot, while Phoebe Bracken won the ladies competition for the fourth consecutive year alongside Eve Smith-Bingham, herself a winner for the second time.

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150 Years of Fives at Harrow

Graham Dunbar reports:

18/09/17: For those with a sense of the history of games at Harrow, Saturday 16 September was a landmark: 150 years of Eton fives at the School.

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Summers Time and the Cutting is Easy...

Andrew Rennie reports:

18/09/17: Sunday 10th September saw the was the inaugural tournament where an Old Millhillian plays with a current pupil at the school. The tournament was named ‘The Summers Cup’ after Mr Andrew Summers, who had the pleasure of forming the OM Fives Club in the 1960s.

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The FiveStar Project reaches the launchpad!

14/09/17: A message from EFA Chairman Richard Black:

The EFA is delighted to announce that two part-time Development Managers have started work with us on 1st September 2017 as part of the FiveStar project. They will work on identifying the projects which will expand Eton Fives, securing whatever funding is necessary and seeing the projects through to the point where the new activities become part of the established Eton Fives community.

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Andrew Aitken Trophy 2017

Laurie Brock reports:

12/09/17: On a drizzly (and slightly chilly) afternoon at Highgate, the seventh iteration of the Andrew Aitken Trophy produced its first female champion following an excellent final.

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