2000 EFA Trophy

Ed Taylor reports:

Thankfully this year, the second weekend in February didn't fall in the destructive path of a certain Mr. Valentine, allowing a record entry of twelve sides.....the courts were positively heaving, especially as the semi-finals of the Barber Cup were played on the very same day. Thanks to all those who gathered a side together! I have to give a special thanks to Mark Williams, who kindly held the fort in my absence. I was however on hand at the later stages.....


Sunday 5th of March and time for the semi-finals....

The Old Olavians took on the Old Etonians, who were given a ruthless drubbing on their home courts by a side which wouldn't be out of their depth in the Barber Cup. The Etonians failing to win a single game in any pair!

On the other side of the draw, "Rumsam's Runcibles" took on last years champions the Old Salopians and made equally short work, special thanks to Dave Blomfield and Big T Walters for cruising down from Shrewsbury to steadying the Salopian side at the last minute and congratulations to Robin Rumsam, not only for winning but for digging out not one - but two sides!


The Final pitched guile and experience against youth...and in short youth won! The Olavian side didn't have it all their own way, first pair saw C Friend and G Pulsford up against C Cooley and E Sanderson. Courtney was in blinding form but it was never quite enough, the Olavians winning 3-2. At second pair N Margerison and J Fredenham stole a game against D Mew and S Fautly, but the winners always looked like being the Olavians. Winning 3-0 and not dropping a pair all tournament!

This season has really been a coming of age for the Olavians - this year winning the League, Barber & EFA trophy, it is great to see many strong young players coming through and I hope that many of the other established clubs will find ways (and the toughest thing - time!) to encourage their school leavers to get involved and make sure that in the years to come the Olavians don't get it all there own way!



Old Olavians beat Old Etonians 3-0

C Cooley and E Sanderson beat F Taylor and M Fairbanks Smith 3-0
D Mew and S Fautly beat M Powell and J Dalhuisen 3-0
M Barter and W Powell beat D Robson and P Buckley 3-0

Rumsam Runcibles beat Old Salopians 2-1

C Friend and G Pulsford beat R Gillitt 3-0
N Margerison and J Fredenham beat D Blomfield and M Quinn 3-0
R Dennis and G Whitehead lost to A Walters and A Graham 3-1


Old Olavians beat Rumsam Runcibles 2-1

C Cooley and E Sanderson lost to C Friend and G Pulsford 3-2
D Mew and S Fautly beat N Margerison and J Fredenham 3-1
M Barter and W Powell beat R Dennis and G Whitehead 3-0