2002/03 Alan Barber Cup

Mark Williams reports:

Ten teams produced a side in this year's competition, and the four seeded sides reached the semi-finals.

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Lord Aberconway (1913-2003)

Charles Aberconway died at the beginning of February, just a few months short of his 90th birthday. This is not a full obituary; that appeared in the Times. Rather I have attempted here to give a rather more personal view of someone with whom I sat on the committee of the Old Etonian Fives Club for over 50 years and came to greatly respect and admire.

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2003 Varsity Match

Rodney Knight reports:

Revenge with Champagne

The generous support of Eton College allied to sponsorship from Pol Roger ensured that this year's needle match for both Varsity Clubs was an Event to remember. For the supporters too, last year's rain was forgotten and we all enjoyed a fine, bright day a little later in the season than previously and in the afternoon rather than in the morning.

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The Westway courts under construction

Eccentric Sport Moves into the Inner City

Article by David Milliken in Feb 2003

Published by the kind permission of Reuters.

ETON, England, Feb 5 (Reuters) - The ancient sport of Eton Fives has spread from its traditional enclaves in England's independent schools into the concrete jungle of the inner city.

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2003 Northern Tournament

Andrew Mitchell reports:

Although numbers were disappointing this year, most of the familiar faces turned up to be greeted by a sunny and windless day.

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2003 Ipswich Tournament

Peter Boughton reports:

Given the complexities and constantly changing circumstances to be taken into account when executing the pairing of entrants for the Ipswich Tournament, the culmination of the 2003 competition was extraordinary.

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2002/03 County Championships

Jamie Fleming reports:

Like a slow and lumbering Fives player, the momentum of the County Championship is gently gathering. There seemed a more enthusiastic response to this year's call to arms (and gloves) than in previous years. But while there are still difficulties to iron out (notably the League match which takes place at the same time and same place and basically stops Shropshire raising a side), as each year goes by, success will breed success and the Counties will start selling itself. That's the plan anyway.

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They Think It's All Over

Robin Mason reports:

January 2003: If it hadn't been Mike Fenn on the other end of the 'phone, I would not have believed it. But it was Mike, and it was true that the BBC wanted some Eton Fives players to appear on They Think It's All Over.

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2002 London Tournament

Howard Wiseman reports:

The weather wasn't great - but the Tournament was! Very well attended again with eighty players, it was wonderful to see all eighteen Highgate School Fives courts in full use throughout the weekend. Everyone played through a large Pool of pairs on the Saturday in order to determine their position in the draw for the following day.

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