2004 EFA Trophy

T Walters reports:

The EFA Trophy Competition took place on Sunday 15th February this year with six teams battling it out for the Cup. It was great to see a couple of new teams entering the competition with Gareth Hoskins organising a North Oxford team and The Heath also entering the competition.

The morning saw two pools of three teams playing games up to fifteen. The Old Etonians, Old Salopians and The Heath formed one pool and the Olavians, North Oxford and the Old Citizens made up the second. In Pool 1, the Old Etonians were faced with a mighty challenge with only two pairs in their team, having said that they fought hard but were beaten by a strong Old Salopian team and a well practiced Heath. In Pool 2, the competition newcomers North Oxford storm the group with a well drilled performance leaving the Olavians as runners up and the Old Citizens in third.

The semi finals saw some fantastic games with a plethora of young Toops and Cooleys for the Olavians taking on the experience of the Salopians. The Olavians won the first pair but lost out in the second and third. The second half of the draw mirrored the first with The Heath winning first pair and second and third going to North Oxford.

In the final it was a great surprise for the Old Salopians to find out that an Old Salopian was playing for North Oxford, however that only served to strengthen their resolve. First pair was won quickly by the Old Salopians, with third pair quickly following suit. In second pair, North Oxford proved to strong for the Old Salopians and they achieved a convincing victory. With second pair going to North Oxford, and first and third to the Old Salopians the Old Salopians came out winners. Congratulations to them.

It would be good to get a strong turnout of clubs for next year's Competition.



Old Salopians beat Olavians 2-1

D Blofield & P Corn lost to S Ranasinghe & C Wilson 8-12, 12-5, 6-12

B Alderson & M Evans beat C Cooley & Saunders 12-14, 12-5, 12-9

A Walters(Snr) & R Pattison beat J Cooley & H Toop 12-0, 12-1

North Oxford beat The Heath 2-1

G Hoskins & A Bishop lost to G Pulsford & N Margerison 9-12, 6-12

C Davies & Lloyd beat J Rose & J Fredenham 9-12, 12-9, 12-6

J Rogers & P Talbot beat G Whitehead & I Leeming 15-14, 14-12



Old Salopians beat North Oxford 2-1

D Blofield & M Yates beat G Hoskins & B Chapman 12-4, 12-1, 12-2

P Worth & M Quinn lost to C Davies & C Lloyd 12-6, 2-12, 14-15, 4-12

A Walters(Snr) & R Pattison beat P Talbot & J Rogers 12-6, 12-9, 12-6