2005 Prep Schools' Tournament

Gerald Barber reports:

Once again our competition played at Eton this term was dominated by some excellent Highgate pairs. The last eight comprised of four Highgate pairs, two from Sunningdale and one each from Ludgrove and Orley Farm. It was good to see Sunningdale back to impressive form. They easily defeated Highgate 4 to reach the semi finals but then were out gunned by Highgate 2 (12-3, 12-6).

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2005 Under 25 Tournament

James Toop reports:

The under 25s championships took place again at Westway this year on the day before the Kinnaird final. A relatively small, but enthusiastic field took part and the first round was a group stage with the top four pairs going through to the semi-finals. There were no real surprises as Toop and Sarmah predictably finished bottom and were therefore eliminated from the competition.

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2005 EFA Trophy

T Walters reports:

A strong entry resulted in this year's competition taking place over two weekends, with the group stages played on 30th January and the final taking place alongside the Alan Barber Cup final on 20th February.

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2004/05 Alan Barber Cup

Mark Williams reports:

10 teams entered the Barber Cup this year, but both first round matches were conceded, leaving the 8 quarter-finalists.

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2005 Varsity Match

Rodney Knight reports:

Blue was the colour.....including spectators

The Dunbar brothers again made the news in the Varsity Match held at Eton courtesy of the Provost and Fellows on a bitter February afternoon, the absence of one almost certainly losing the match for Oxford, the presence of the other ensuring that it was not a Cambridge whitewash!

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2005 Northern Tournament

Andrew Mitchell reports:

After several years of comparatively clement weather (for February), a wet and windy weekend welcomed a total of forty-eight pairs, and a few hardy spectators. The entry for the main competition, at twenty-six pairs, was the highest for some years although the turn-out for the festival was a little disappointing. It was, however, good to see so many women taking part.

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2005 Ipswich Tournament

Tim Wyndham reports:

Fives is a game that some would argue should come with a health warning. Beware, fives may cause injury to ankles, fingers and in the case of the Ipswich tournament a severe hangover. In its defence it's been rumoured to be a very good cure for hernias.

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2004/05 County Championships

Dan Hawkins reports:

Qualifying Round 14th November 2004

Seven teams representing ten counties took part in the qualification tournament of the County Championship at Eton: Cambridgeshire, Kent, Suffolk, Surrey, and Warwickshire. Plus two combined forces: Oxfordshire & Sussex, and Rutland & Lancashire. The format of the qualification tournament saw each team playing each other in three pair matches, best of one game played to fifteen, with the top four teams progressing to the semi-finals in January.

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2004/05 Turnbull Trophy

Howard Wiseman reports:

The Graham Turnbull was played at Westway over two weekends 28th November and 5th December 2004 with the finals at Eton on Sunday 27th February 2005.

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