2007 EFA Trophy

T Walters reports:

The pools rounds took place this year on Sunday 28th February at Eton. A solid turnout saw two pools of five compete for the much coveted team trophy cup. Pool A consisted of the Old Salopians, Berkhamsted, St Olave's A, North Oxford B, and the Old Olavians. Pool B comprised Cambridge University, St Olave's B, Westway, Brigands and North Oxford A.

Qualifying Round Results

Pool A

Old Salopians beat Berkhamsted 6-0

St Olave's A beat North Oxford B 5-1

Old Salopians beat North Oxford B 6-0

Old Olavians beat Berkhamsted 5-1

Old Salopians beat St Olave's A 5-1

North Oxford B drew with Old Olavians 3-3

Old Salopians beat Old Olavians 6-0

St Olave's A beat Berkhamsted 6-0

North Oxford B beat Berkhamsted 5-1

St Olave's A beat Old Olavians 6-0

Pool B

Cambridge Univ beat St Olave's B 6-0

North Oxford A drew with Westway 3-3

North Oxford A beat Cambridge Univ 6-0

Brigands beat St Olave's B 6-0

Westway beat Cambridge Univ 5-1

North Oxford A beat Brigands 6-0

Cambridge Univ beat Brigands 5-1

Westway beat St Olave's 6-0

North Oxford A beat St Olave's B 6-0

Westway beat Brigands 6-0

The pools round saw all teams playing matches up to 12 and best of 3 games. On completion of the pools, each team was awarded points based on their teams' performance. The points system produced the following results for the day:


Old Salopians 23

North Oxford A 21

St Olave's A 18

Westway 20

North Oxford B 9

Cambridge University 12

Old Olavians 8

Brigands 7

Berkhamsted 2

St Olave's B 0

Allocating these points across the pools produced the following semi-final line up:

Westway versus Old Salopians; St Olave's A versus North Oxford

The semi-finals and final took place on Sunday 4th March. Westway edged out the Salopians 2-1 and St Olave's beat North Oxford.

The final produced some great Fives, with St Olave's beating Westway 2-1. Many congratulations to St Olave's, and well done to Westway for reaching the final this year.

Congratulations to all those who took part in the competition and thanks to Mark Williams for organising the matches during the two days. We look forward to building on the strong turnout next year