Geneva Tournament 2011

Filippo Variola reports:

On 11th and 12th June we played our traditional Fives Tournament, as usual together with the students from the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz; Curt Schmitt came over with Jessica Rees, Katharina Kuenburg, Sophia Florineth, Christine Beck, Antonia Eichelberg, Mark Jetzer, Daniel Weder, Marc Tavra and Artem Glebovskiy.

Katharina was a semi-finalist in the UK Schools' Championships at Eton last year. Curt Schmitt is a former Cambridge University scholar (Corpus Christi) and has participated in the major Fives tournaments in the UK.

The Zuoz Old Boys Club was represented by Erkki Tammivuori, Roland Knapp, Alex de Senger, Florian Gautier, Jan Porr and myself. Unfortunately no players came from England this year, so it was strictly a "Swiss Residents" competition!

The level of the games was outstanding and the weather was just right, not too warm, and each of us was able to play 8 full games on the first day, which meant that the dinner in the cosy French Restaurant La Clef des Champs in Veigy was a great success as we were wll very hungry and thirsty after the effort...

The following day, the finals were played very fairly and sportingly and the results were as follows:

Winners: Curt Schmitt & Alex de Senger

2nd: Katharina Kuenburg & Erkki Tammivuori

3rd: Jessica Rees & Roland Knapp

Thank you to all the participants - see you next year for a fabulous 2012 Geneva Tournament!

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