Sep 2011: REFCA Ladies Coaching Day

Dom Redmond reports:

On Sunday 25th September REFCA ran its first ever Ladies Fives coaching day. This idea was well received and had a good attendance of 16 ladies from a variety of different clubs such as Westway, Emanuel, Old Westminsters, The Marlborough club, Old Olavians, Cambridge University, Oxford University, North Oxford and Ipswich School. It was great to see new players Vicky Westwood and Carrie Walk, who came down from Marlborough having recently started to play at a club night at Marlborough College.

The day was run by Howard Wiseman assisted by David Mew. The day focused on the basics of the game in areas such as the cut, the cut return, top step play and positioning and back step play. In each area there were several drills and target practice followed by mini, fun competitions and matches towards the end of the day.

This was a fantastic day where you could see improvement in all players by the time the day was over. This was a huge success and REFCA will be running several of these coaching days over the course of this season, taking place at Eton and hopefully in the Midlands area.