April 2015: UCL Marathon: 24 Hour Fives People

James Tugwell reports:

The club held its first 24 hour Fives marathon at the end of the second term and it definitely was a success, with the club reaching its fundraising target on behalf of the Alzheimer's Society. This couldn't have been done without the help of several people, in particular Andrew Rennie, as he both played and helped to organise the marathon. We certainly wouldn't have had the use of Mill Hill's Fives courts without him.

Without the participants, the event would also not have been able to go ahead, on the UCL side we had James Tugwell, Timothy Nixey, Harriet Asquith, Andrew Ibbetson, Davin Chandra, Dan Moore, Jack Ho and Isabella Barber; honorary UCL members included Andrew Rennie, Chris Wheeler, Ralph Morgan, Karen Hird and Jonathan Asquith.

We would also like to thank Richard Black for bringing an immense amount of food and drink with him, without which we would not have had the energy to complete the 24 hours.

Thank you very much to everyone who has donated thus far. Our Just Giving page is still live so please donate if you can!

Volunteering is something the club is delighted to be involved in,and hopefully it'll continue with the usual coaching of Wallball at nearby schools and we might see an event similar to the Fives marathon next year.

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