WSSL 2018: Week 2 Results

24/05/18: The 2018 Westway Summer Superleague is now well into its stride with two further nights of full courts this week.

Dossi's Desperados have increased their stranglehold on Group B with a second successive 6-0 win, this time over the Exiles, while defending champions the Aston House Thoroughbreds claimed the lead in Group A with a comfortable win over the EFA Allstars. The final round of group games takes place next week before the tournament hits the knockout stages.

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Week One

Group A

Aston House Thoroughbreds (L.Brock, N.Shaw, K.Hird, S.Chapman) beat Highgate Bizzle (J.Ho, A.Bhattacharya, T.Halstead, E.Scoones) 4-2

EFA Allstars (T.Fletcher, W.Seath, O.Avery, R.Black) beat Westway 2 (M.Gwynne, D.McCahon, J.Caplin, N.Lilienthal) 6-0

Group B

Dossi's Desperados (A.Joyce, G.Thomason, C.Hughes, E.Hewens) beat Lancing Lionhearts (M.Scurr, T.Betts, A.Abrahams, S.Jackman) 6-0

Exiles (N.Gill, S.Shah, R.Morgan, B.Dovgyy) beat Westway 1 (T.Campbell, A.Pilkington, D.Goddard, B.Young) 6-0


Week Two

Group A

Aston House Thoroughbreds (L.Brock, G.Hoskins, K.Hird, S.Chapman) beat EFA Allstars (M.Lewin, M.Chinery, W.Seath, O.Avery) 6-0

Highgate Bizzle (J.Marks, A.Bhattacharya, T.Halstead, C.Griggs) beat Westway 2 (T.Thurnham, D.McCahon, M.Gwynne, N.Lilienthal) 6-0

Group B

Lancing Lionhearts (T.Betts, A.Abrahams, A.Lumbard, S.Jackman) drew with Westway 1 (T.Campbell, B.Bannerman, M.Goddard, D.Goddard) 3-3

Dossi's Desperados (R.Perrie, C.Hughes, S.Welti, D.Pritchard) beat Exiles (S.Shah, R.Morgan, S.Kelly, B.Dovgyy) 6-0


MVP Leaderboard

S.Chapman 90

C.Hughes 90

L.Brock 86

K.Hird 85

A.Bhattacharya 72

T.Halstead 70

O.Avery 62

A.Abrahams 59

W.Seath 57

T.Betts 57

R.Morgan 54


Golden Gloves Leaderboard

C.Griggs 3

M.Gwynne 3

J.Marks 3

A.Bhattacharya 2

K.Hird 2

J.Ho 2

A.Lumbard 2

R.Perrie 2

N.Shaw 2

G.Thomason 2

S.Welti 2