Highgate And Desperados Into The Superleague Final

The two group winners Highgate Bizzle and Dossi's Desperados won their Superleague semi-finals at Westway last night in a terrific evening of Fives.

The Highgate quartet of Jonny Ho, Abs Bhattacharya, Ollie Hallam and Tom Halstead overcame their Thursday night counterparts the Exiles (Nick Gill, Chris Ballingall, Ralph Morgan and Abi Jones) 5-1 despite a battling display from the Citizens players, with the ever present Bhattacharya extending his lead at the top of the MVP table.

In the other semi-final, former winners and competition favourites Dossi's Desperados had to work hard to defeat defending champions the Aston House Thoroughbreds (Laurie Brock, Nick Shaw, Chris Austin, Karen Hird), who managed to cling on to a 2-2 draw after the first two rounds before finally succumbing to the firepower of Ryan Perrie, George Thomason, Sam Welti and Alex Rattan in the final two games of the night. Ryan Perrie stretched his lead out to 12 - double his nearest challenger - in the Golden Gloves competition with a further three shots in the hole.

The 5th-8th place play-offs also took place this week with the four teams playing each other in a round robin competition with the first pairs all playing each other once and the second pairs likewise. Fifth place was clinched by the EFA Allstars at the end of an enjoyable evening of matches very much in keeping with the spirit of Superleague Fives.

Next week sees the climax of the competition with the final and 3rd/4th place match.



Week One

Group A

Aston House Thoroughbreds (L.Brock, N.Shaw, K.Hird, S.Chapman) beat Highgate Bizzle (J.Ho, A.Bhattacharya, T.Halstead, E.Scoones) 4-2

EFA Allstars (T.Fletcher, W.Seath, O.Avery, R.Black) beat Westway 2 (M.Gwynne, D.McCahon, J.Caplin, N.Lilienthal) 6-0

Group B

Dossi's Desperados (A.Joyce, G.Thomason, C.Hughes, E.Hewens) beat Lancing Lionhearts (M.Scurr, T.Betts, A.Abrahams, S.Jackman) 6-0

Exiles (N.Gill, S.Shah, R.Morgan, B.Dovgyy) beat Westway 1 (T.Campbell, A.Pilkington, D.Goddard, B.Young) 6-0

Week Two

Group A

Aston House Thoroughbreds (L.Brock, G.Hoskins, K.Hird, S.Chapman) beat EFA Allstars (M.Lewin, M.Chinery, W.Seath, O.Avery) 6-0

Highgate Bizzle (J.Marks, A.Bhattacharya, T.Halstead, C.Griggs) beat Westway 2 (T.Thurnham, D.McCahon, M.Gwynne, N.Lilienthal) 6-0

Group B

Lancing Lionhearts (T.Betts, A.Abrahams, A.Lumbard, S.Jackman) drew with Westway 1 (T.Campbell, B.Bannerman, M.Goddard, D.Goddard) 3-3

Dossi's Desperados (R.Perrie, C.Hughes, S.Welti, D.Pritchard) beat Exiles (S.Shah, R.Morgan, S.Kelly, B.Dovgyy) 6-0

Week Three

Group A

Aston House Thoroughbreds (S.Thatcher, A.Bishop, S.Nowinski, J.Da Costa) drew with Westway 2 (J.Black, D.McCahon, J.Caplin, K.Mikowski) 3-3

Highgate Bizzle (J.Marks, A.Bhattacharya, O.Hallam, C.Davies) beat EFA Allstars (V.Bhimjiyani, T.Fletcher, W.Seath, W.Thomas) 6-0

Group B

Dossi's Desperados (R.Perrie, A.Theodossi, S.Welti, A.Rattan) beat Westway 1 (S.Warren-Thomas, B.Bannerman, T.Campbell, M.Goddard) 6-0

Exiles beat Lancing Lionhearts 6-0 (scratched)

Week Four - Quarter-Finals

Aston House Thoroughbreds (L.Brock, K.Hird, S.Thatcher, A.Bishop) beat Lancing Lionhearts (M.Scurr, A.Lumbard, A.Abrahams, S.Jackman) 6-0

Exiles (N.Gill, S.Shah, R.Morgan, C.Ballingall) beat EFA Allstars (G.Williams, M.Chinery, W.Seath, O.Avery) 6-0

Highgate Bizzle (J.Marks, A.Bhattacharya, O.Hallam, T.Halstead) beat Westway 1 (P.Chen, M.Goddard, J.Wootliff, B.Young) 6-0

Dossi's Desperados (R.Perrie, A.Theodossi, C.Hughes, S.Welti) beat Westway 2 (T.Thurnham, J.Caplin, R.Black*, W.Carling) 6-0

*ineligible player

Week Five


Dossi's Desperados (R.Perrie, G.Thomason, S.Welti, A.Rattan) beat Aston House Thoroughbreds (L.Brock, N.Shaw, C.Austin, K.Hird) 4-2

Highgate Bizzle (J.Ho, A.Bhattacharya, O.Hallam, T.Halstead) beat Exiles (N.Gill, C.Ballingall, R.Morgan, A.Jones) 5-1

5th-8th Play-Offs

5th: EFA Allstars (T.Fletcher, M.Chinery, W.Seath, W.Thomas)

6th: Westway 1 (T.Campbell, B.Bannerman, M.Goddard, D.Goddard)

7th: Lancing Lionhearts (A.Abrahams, A.Lumbard, C.Ballingall*, G.Linfield)

8th: Westway 2 (T.Thurnham, M.Gwynne, D.McCahon, K.Mikowski)

*ineligible player


Final - 26/06/18

Dossi's Desperados v Highgate Bizzle


Aston House Thoroughbreds v Exiles

MVP Leaderboard

A.Bhattacharya  207

S.Welti  180

R.Perrie  179

K.Hird  160

T.Halstead  157

L.Brock  154

W.Seath  139

M.Goddard  138

A.Abrahams  136

O.Hallam  135

C.Hughes  135

J.Marks  135

R.Morgan  121

C.Ballingall  114

T.Fletcher  109

A.Lumbard  104

N.Gill  100

S.Shah  95

D.Goddard  93

A.Bishop  90

S.Chapman  90

A.Theodossi  90


Golden Gloves Leaderboard

R.Perrie  12

C.Hughes  6

S.Welti  6

C.Ballingall  5

B.Bannerman  5

M.Gwynne  5

L.Brock  4

G.Thomason  4

A.Abrahams  3

A.Bhattacharya  3

M.Chinery  3

C.Griggs  3

O.Hallam  3

J.Ho  3

J.Marks  3

A.Rattan  3

S.Shah  3

N.Shaw  3