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2010/11 County Championships: Herts-ache for Warwickshire

Hertfordshire clinched the County Championship title yesterday at Eton for the fourth year in succession with a resounding 3-0 victory over Warwickshire.

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2006/07 County Championships

Dan Hawkins reports:

Qualifying Tournament at Eton - November 12th

The qualifying tournament for this year's County Championship had a real buzz about it. It was good to see many players making their debut alongside some really experienced players including four Kinnaird Cup winners. The competition also allowed the university teams from Cambridge and Oxford to take part in a three pair competition - a great opportunity to test their strength and try out different pairings in advance of the Varsity Match.

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County Championships 2010/11

Numbers were down on last year, but the competitiveness certainly wasn’t for the County Championships qualifying that took place at Eton on Sunday 24th October. Five teams took part in an all-play-all format, with two qualifying for the final (requests that four should go through to the semis being rejected by the organiser!).

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2005/06 County Championships

Dan Hawkins reports:

Qualifying Round - 13th November 2005

Eight teams took part in the qualification tournament for the County Championship on Sunday. It was very pleasing that the Oxford and Cambridge University clubs represented their respective counties and, in particular, that Andrew Mitchell brought a group of players down from Shrewsbury.

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2009/10 County Championships: Kings of Herts

The County Championship title was this year retained by Hertfordshire, narrow winners over Kent in the final. 

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2004/05 County Championships

Dan Hawkins reports:

Qualifying Round 14th November 2004

Seven teams representing ten counties took part in the qualification tournament of the County Championship at Eton: Cambridgeshire, Kent, Suffolk, Surrey, and Warwickshire. Plus two combined forces: Oxfordshire & Sussex, and Rutland & Lancashire. The format of the qualification tournament saw each team playing each other in three pair matches, best of one game played to fifteen, with the top four teams progressing to the semi-finals in January.

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2008/09 County Championships

Guy Chapman reports:

Qualifying Round: Eton 9th November 2008

Six sides took part in an all-play-all format with matches played as one set up to 15. Last year's champions, Hertfordshire, proved too strong for the opposition, winning all of their matches, and they were joined in the semis by Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Middlesex.

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2003/04 County Championships

Dan Hawkins & Seb Cooley report:

Qualifying Round - Eton Sunday 16th November 2003

Kent, Sussex, Warwickshire, and an amalgamated Suffolk/Essex team were represented at the County Championship at Eton on Sunday. Although several counties were absent, in part due to the rugby world cup semi-final involving England, there was a full day of fives as all-played-all in best of three game matches.

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2007/08 County Championships

Dan Hawkins and Peter Cohen report:

Qualifying Tournament - Eton - 11th November 2007

Staffordshire, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Kent took part in this years championships with holders Kent surprisingly knocked out at the round robin stage. Hertfordshire and Middlesex qualified for the final.

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2002/03 County Championships

Jamie Fleming reports:

Like a slow and lumbering Fives player, the momentum of the County Championship is gently gathering. There seemed a more enthusiastic response to this year's call to arms (and gloves) than in previous years. But while there are still difficulties to iron out (notably the League match which takes place at the same time and same place and basically stops Shropshire raising a side), as each year goes by, success will breed success and the Counties will start selling itself. That's the plan anyway.

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