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Oxford Extend Varsity Match Winning Streak

03/03/24: Oxford continued their recent winning run in the Pol Roger Varsity Match at Harrow on Saturday, winning 12 of the 13 pairs played.

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Varsity Match 2019: Oxford On Top Again

04/03/19: For the third year in succession, the Varsity Match was dominated by Oxford, who won eleven of the twelve pairs played at Eton on Saturday, Cambridge's sole success coming in the men's first pair match.

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Varsity Match 2023: A Clean Sweep For Oxford

07/03/23: Oxford dominated the 2023 Pol Roger Varsity Match at Eton on Saturday, winning all 14 pairs played by a 3-0 margin.

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Varsity Match 2018: Dark Blue Delight

Nigel Cox reports:

05/03/18: On a cold day, mercifully free from interruptions by snow, a strong Oxford team inflicted the most one sided defeat on Cambridge in living memory.

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Varsity Match 2022

08/03/22: Oxford continued their recent domination of the Varsity Match at Eton on Saturday, but there was a closing of the gap and there was well-deserved success for Cambridge in the Women's second team match.

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Varsity Match 2017: Eton's House of Blues

06/03/17: The Varsity Match at Eton on Saturday produced a whitewash in the men's match as Oxford swept the board, winning all six pairs. The women's match was more evenly balanced with Oxford's top two pairs winning them the blues match 2-1 and Cambridge's greater depth of experience giving them a 3-0 victory in the second team fixture.

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Varsity Match 2021: A Dark Bluewash

04/05/21: This year's Varsity Match was dominated on court by Oxford, but was a triumph for both sides, who did a fantastic job to get the match played at all and with a full complement of pairs.

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Varsity Match 2016: High Class Blues Fives


Men’s Blues Match. Rodney Knight reports:

After a fine display of fives from the Oxford and Cambridge Blues teams in this much anticipated encounter, it was the Light Blues who proved convincingly on the day to be both better prepared for the contest and to have real strength in depth this year in their men’s squad.

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Varsity Match 2020: Dark Blue Dominance Continues

09/03/20: Oxford's recent run of Varsity Match dominance continued at Eton on Saturday as they won all four matches against rivals Cambridge, losing only two of the twelve pairs contested.

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2015 Varsity Match: I Never Felt More Like Watching The Blues

Rodney Knight reports:

03/03/15: On a fine day at Eton last Saturday and marking the end of a long tenure as Master-in-charge there by Mark Williams, four teams contested the 2015 Varsity Match with the Light Blues winning the first team matches and the Dark Blues showing their strength in depth by winning both second team matches.

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