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Welcome to Stefan Ferencz

09/03/21: The Eton Fives Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Stefan Ferencz as Marketing and Development Manager for its FiveStar programme.

He will have a wide-ranging role to improve the marketing of Eton Fives both within and outside the current Fives community, and to help to generate the funds needed to sustain and develop the game.

The FiveStar Project, the EFA’s seven-year development plan, aims to greatly increase the number of people playing Eton Fives, and to broaden access to the sport both geographically and socially. FiveStar has instigated and subsidised the building of new courts, the creation of new clubs, and the organisation of new opportunities to play across the country, as well as promoting the game through initiatives such as World Fives Day on the 5th May (5/5) each year.

The EFA is in the third year of a strategic partnership with its valued sponsors, Advanta Wealth Management, which has brought much needed financial resources into Eton Fives. It has also created a research programme into the significant benefits of the sport, kindly supported by the Oppenheimer Generations foundation.

Stefan was appointed following an extensive search within the Eton Fives community and also externally. He brings to his new role five years of fundraising success at a sports development consultancy, preceded by several years’ of work for national and local sports organisations. He has a degree in Sports Management and is based in the West Midlands. Once Covid-19 regulations permit, he will be aiming to get out on court to learn the game, and to meet EFA members around the UK.

Stefan will report to Richard Black, Director of The FiveStar Project, and will work closely with the rest of the FiveStar team: Alex Knight (Head of Development), Zach Hickmore (Research Assistant) and Gareth Hoskins (EFA Secretary).

“We are very excited about Stefan joining the FiveStar team, bringing his substantial knowledge of sports development to benefit the game of Eton Fives,” said Richard Black. “His experience in marketing and fundraising for a broad range of organisations in the sports, education, and charitable sectors, will prove invaluable in helping us in our efforts to grow the sport. Stefan’s role is being funded by a generous donation from an Eton Fives supporter to whom we are extremely grateful.”

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