Return To Play Guidelines (Updated 13/10/20)

19/08/20: We are pleased to announce that the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport have reviewed the EFA's return to play guidelines and have commented as follows:

"Your guidance includes the elements that we would expect to see to enable a safe return to activity, in line with government guidelines."

"It's good to see the inclusion of specific adaptations and mitigations. It is ultimately for governing bodies and clubs to satisfy themselves that they are compliant with current government guidelines and can safely resume activity." 

We are now able to recommend that playing Fives can be resumed with immediate effect subject to the EFA Return To Play Guidelines

All clubs and players should read these carefully before playing and we would particularly highlight the following:

  • The health and safety of all players, coaches and organisers is the most important concern and should be kept in mind at all times.
  • The EFA considers the playing of Eton Fives to be a low risk activity, but that is not the same as a no risk activity and schools, clubs and individuals should bear this in mind.
  • Risk assessments need to be done on a venue by venue basis and guidelines issued to all players, coaches and spectators - this is likely to consist of the attached guidelines plus any additional guidelines specific to each venue.
  • If courts are available, league and Barber Cup matches can be played; decisions on exactly what the league and competition structure will look like this season will not be made immediately in order to see how the initial return to play works out.

If anyone has any questions, they should contact EFA Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

UPDATE 13/10/20: Fives - on outdoor courts - remains unaffected by the new three tier restrictions, with the exception of people living in a Tier Three area (currently only the Liverpool City region), who should not travel out of their area to play. If any areas where courts are situated find themselves in Tier Three locations subsequently, Fives can still be played on those courts by people living in that area, but people should not travel into that area from outside it in order to play.