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EFA Diversity Statement

The Eton Fives Association is committed to increasing diversity and eradicating discrimination of any kind, whether conscious or unconscious, from our sport. But words are not enough. We need to back up our words with actions, which is why we are committing to:

  • A full review of diversity and inclusion in Eton Fives
  • Updating our policies on equal opportunities and our codes of conduct for players and coaches to reflect more robust approaches to increasing inclusion and combatting discrimination
  • Increasing representation of people of colour on the EFA Board
  • Looking at who currently plays and coaches our sport and being honest about our lack of diversity so that we can do better
  • Proactively looking for any unconscious bias in our communications, policies or actions as an organisation
These actions are only the beginning and we know we have a very long way to go. Increasing diversity in our sport should be at the heart of everything we do.