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Slice 4

The Activator course is designed to be a one-off three hour long introduction to coaching Fives. The initial course was put together a couple of years ago by Tom Tsang, with development delayed due to the pandemic. The threads have been recently picked up by Zach Hickmore and two pilot courses were run before Christmas by David Mew and Mike Hughes, leading to the first course proper last week.

The aim is to give an initial grounding in coaching Fives and to provide ideas and resources that will enable new coaches to make a start on their Fives coaching journey. The existing Level One and Level Two Eton Fives coaching courses - certificated by 1st4Sport and equivalent to similar qualifications in a wide range of sports - will continue to run; we very much hope that this new entry level EFA-certificated qualification will provide some much needed practical help and will also start people off on their coaching pathway.

In time, these courses will be rolled out at different venues and will be open to school staff new to Fives, Fives players new to coaching and also to school players in the older age groups. The current cost per person for attending the course is £60.

For further information, please contact EFA Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..